We supply band heaters specially produced for machines used in processing plastics. Band heaters for nozzles are generally standard or with braized cap: This Heat Band are made in the same manner as band heaters though with specific charges as much as 6 W/cm2. These come in different diameters and lengths, according to the form of application, and will be fitted to thermocouples. The conventional length of the power wire is one thousand mm.

The standard model (with Alusi band) would work for applications where space is restricted, like moulds and hot chambers. Band heaters with braized cap in TIG welded stainless are mainly utilized for heating nozzles in injection presses. The mineral insulated band is really a good performance heater. Its performance and name are derived from Watlow’s exclusive mineral insulation-a material which has a higher thermal conductivity than the mica and hard ceramic insulators used in conventional heaters.

A thin layer from the “high” thermal conductive MI material is used to electrically insulate the element wire from your inside diameter in the heater sheath. A thicker, “low” thermal conductivity layer backs the element wire, directing the warmth inward toward the part being heated. The end result is more efficient heat transfer … a performance solution that lowers element wire temperatures and increases heater life.

Mica band heaters are utilized in applications across various industries, and extensively in the plastics industry. Mica band heaters are designed for sheath temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C) with stainless-steel sheath, or 900°F (480°C) with aluminized steel sheath. Many different heater constructions can be purchased, with many termination and clamping options.

Nozzle band heater3are basically a mica insulated band heater. These are generally mechanically sturdy. These heaters are made out of brass & Stainless steel sheath .These nozzle band heaters are usually employed if you have a small space round the nozzle. A great coupling involving the heating element & the nozzle provides the maximum heating efficiency. These heaters are fitted for the nozzles of injection molding machines.

Nozzle band heaters are used to equip nozzles of injection molding machines within the plastics processing industry. These are plastics-proof and safeguard the appropriate temperature at the decisive place.

The newest aluminum nozzle band heaters DAK guarantee an optimal heat progression. Furthermore, they excel through their high amount of stability under temperature loads as high as 450°C.

The nozzle band heaters DG (of brass) and DGS (of stainless-steel) are utilized in conjunction with nozzles of injection molding machines in the plastics processing industry. They may be plastic-tight and safeguard the temperature in the crucial point. The nozzle band heaters DG and DGS are suitable for general cylindrical heating tasks and are well proven being an original accessory in a large number of machine types customary in trade.

Heat transfer is based on conduction in addition to on radiation principle, which not just enhances the thermal efficiency but simple to assemble on nozzles as no pressure on heating surface is important. Even padxud operator can fit the heater with no risk of failure in the heater.

Coil Type Nozzle Heaters were created to prevent the failures of heaters up against the leakage and contamination of plastic material at nozzle position. This heater can satisfy the higher temperature requirement before moulding at nozzle position

The mineral insulated band is really a high end heater. Its performance and name are based on Watlow’s exclusive Thermocouple Temperature Sensor mineral insulation-a material that has a higher thermal conductivity compared to mica and hard ceramic insulators found in conventional heaters.

We offer a full type of nozzle band heaters for the plastics industry along with slip-on heaters for that medical and analytical industries. While every heater features a unique list of capabilities, each nozzle band heater is made to meet specific application requirements. Whether a software requires high performance, high temperature or high watt density we have now the heater to suit the applying.