Often times I have asked myself this query whether my country Nigeria would be able to sign up if there was clearly a programme that would guarantee a trouble-free life. Considering that Nigeria has suffered a great deal from many things like religion, ethnicity, economic failure as a result of mismanagement, leadership problem, etc, a trouble-free scheme would actually be a lifeline. It really is bad news that there is not also a “get-out-of-trouble-quickly” scheme, let alone an assurance to a “trouble-free” lifetime. See 1push newspaper report for further details.

Today in Nigeria, because of our very corrupt electoral process, a Barack Obama would never have emerged, NEVER. In urgency, we much make our electoral process truly reformed and transparent if Nigeria ever truly desires to be great. Take a look at Amnesty international for more facts.

Knowing It All About Nigerian Plans

Leadership behaviour must be a natural a part of performance. It is getting things done rather than wasting of human lives. Leader doesn’t tell his subordinates (ministers) what to do, but keep on inspiring them to see what they are capable of, or prompts others to become their best, then, helping these people to get there. The reverse is the case in Nigeria. A leader should come to power by coup or election rigging, he will choose to appoint a Yoruba graduate to head the ministry of agriculture and natural resources.This ministry boss in turns will appoint his relations, some party members and friends even should they be not qualified to complete his team.Are we expecting miracles from their website? A round peg within a square hole is nothing but a misfit.Many qualified Nigerians are victims of this misfit. Find more naija news paper here.

Aside from the above, God averted for Nigeria what could have end up being the worst political embarrassment since time by preventing and suppressing the unpopular divide and rule programme satan designed against Nigerians. If the leadership of the country went into coma inside the first quarter of the year 2010 due the sickness and eventual death of her former president, nobody expected the peace and unity Nigerians are enjoying today. This is to express that God has actually done Nigeria good around 2010 that she is grateful. With the clear and resounding manner with which the Word of your Almighty God sounded: “You have dwelt long enough in this mount…” (Deuteronomy 1:6), Nigerians found a great enough reason to seek divine intervention politically, and God heard their cries. Nigerians heard the Almighty God sounding a similar warning again and again as He tells them to watch out for the danger in continuing to dwell in the mountain of poverty, visionlessness, religious and ethnic crises, leadership by proxy, etc, and move to the next level where every day life is real.

Consequently, with all the right resources and manpower, the Oshiomole Administration through its creation of the Directorate of Youth Affairs and Social Mobilization (DYASM). This really is a sign of the administration’s readiness to combat crime, and place the youths in the forefront of government policy implementation. One of the major areas in the framework of the new directorate would be to study and conduct research on youth violence and also other issues of Drug abuse. For our purpose therefore, permit me to intimate us all of the State Government’s persistence for give aspire to the youth of the state; and inculcate in them the spirit of peace, and the expression of their political franchise. Although together with the power vested on the DYASM; the government can be rest assured that violence, especially cult related ones will be reduced to its bearest minimum.